Recently I got a call from my landlord. It was quite unusual because usually she doesn’t call when I work from the office. Frankly speaking I don’t receve phone calls in New Zealand at all. So, I had anwered and she said: Ivan, there are two russian woman in Pak’nSave asking for help, they’re looking for Iva, do you know what’s the English word for this?
-I think it is called Quince.
-What if I give them my cellphone, could you speak with them?
Meanwhile I was trying to understand what are they speaking standing behind her but I couldn’t catch any word! So I said: -No please, I have a doubt they are russian.
-But they said russian!
-I don’t think so, they doesn’t speak like Western Europeans and moreover it doesn’t seem to me they have even came from any ex-USSR republic!

So, I don’t know how it happen and why my landlord didn’t understand them right, but they were looking not for Iva fruit, they were looking for AJVAR! Which is Makedonian type of relish. Relish is a sauce made from cooked, pickled, or chopped vegetable or fruit. Originally it becomes in India but has become popular around the world. Ajvar is made from red bell peppers, with garlic. Also it may contain eggplant and chili peppers. It reminds me veggie caviar which is very common and popular in Russia. So if miss about this meal you can by a small jar in V’s Fruit and Vege shop for just $9.99. Ajvar can be eaten as a side dish or as a bread spread. It is very tasty! And most important this particular brand has no food additives!

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