Amazon AWS Summit Auckland 2015

This Wednesday I was attending an expo related to AWS technology, a cloud computing platform offered by I think around 1500 New Zealanders visited that expo, or even more. That was my first and hope not the last time. That was a very high-energetic event I’d say!

It was totally free event, but you have to register in time – as I know yesterday at Viaduct Events Center was a full house! Thanks to my colleague, otherwise I would miss that. Nearly two weeks before exhibition I got a call from Amazon just to confirm that I haven’t changed my plans and so on. Event started at 7.30AM, people arrived, shown their tickets with barcodes got freshly printed badges with names, company names, their position and same bar code and then just chilled out and spoke with numerous consulting partners untill 9AM.

And that was really great because apart really cool things and technologies everyone could ask a question, assign for consultancy or just learn something new from partners or Amazon staff itself in very warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Moreover, there were numbers of drawings: $500 gift card, GoPro Hero, Iphone 6 etc. Anyone guessed how many bricks were in that cube?

As I said it was one-day event, split up to 15 diferent sections with different level: expert, advanced, intermediate, introductory. Some of sessions were held by Amazon staff, som of them were sponsored by different Amazon partners

Every two sessions we had half an hour tea/coffe break (don’t be confused by half empty hall here – I think that was the only one case when I could easily remove my camera from backpack and make a picture)

And of course, we had very great lunch – it was tasty and very healthy. Thank you, Amazon!

Apart from numerous speakers I’d like to especially mention Dean Samuels – that guys rocks! He is an expert and what is important, he has a passion to his job and he knows how to share and how to speak about it to people. Thanks Dean, I really liked your presentation.

At the end we had Cocktail Function. It was fun and interesting event. Make sure to come here next year!

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