Ambury Regional Park

As I promissed, someday we visited regeional Ambury park which located near Mangere mountain and I can say this is our favourite park at the moment! Neither Shakespear park, neither Wenderholm, neither Western Springs park, neither famous Cornwall park in One Tree Hill have such a diversity in fauna spicies and various landscapes. Press Read More!

Ambury farm park lies among the southern suburbs fronting the Manukau Harbour, in Mangere domain, 15 km from Auckland CBD. I higly recommend you to drive to Mangere mountain and climb upon a hill to enjoy magnificient views before visiting park:

Main carpark has 20 car lots and there are 40 in the riding for disabled carpark. So I think it is bette to arrive in the park in the morning. There are 4 BBQs – 2 electric and 2 wood-burning. Gates are open 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m summer time and 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m winter time. Pedestrian access: open 24 hours.

Opposite to carpark there is notice board with park map, usefull information about birds living here (Ambury is a significant habitat for shorebirds and the coast) and free guides:

Near the notice board there are picnic tables and benches, drinking fountains,

and also free toilets and even a shower!

The thing is there is a small 7km track near the park which is perfect for walking and cycling. Defenitely, Ambury park is our favourite park in Auckland!

Park territory is subdivided by fences into small farms for sheeps and other animals, but you can also walk there. Don’t be confused if the gates are closed – open them, go in there and make sure to leave them as you find them.

A park with sheeps in the middle (well, almost in the middle) of 1.3 million city.. Sounds fantastic? This is New Zealand!

There was a large fortified Maori settlement near Mangere Mountain and the area now known as Ambury Regional Park was used by them for gardening.

One of numerouse and excellent examples of basalt lava flows from Mangere volcano standing near the park:

Needle grass:

One of many small lava caves in lava flows from Mangere Mountain, at Ambury Regional Park. It last erupted approximately 18,000 years ago.

The farm animals are family favourites. You will see sheep, goats, cows, pigs, pet lambs (in season), chickens, turkey, rabbits and our elusive peacock.

Feel free to go into the paddocks to mingle with the animals (except during lambing which is mid-July and early August):

Just go! Bring your gumboots and warm clothing during winter 🙂

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