Asus power adapter plug

Especially for ZenBook owners and Asus fans 🙂 If you’re living abroad like me, here in New Zealand and you got tired of using adapters each time when you charge battery – you can always get another genuine plug corresponding to power sockets in country you’re staying!

Asus ZenBook power adapter is modular and allows you to replace plug to any genuine asus power adapter plug:

Do not try to search for it in local computer shops like PBTech or JB HIFI – they won’t sell you a plug without laptop, if they have zenbook laptops at all – living on an island has lots of fun! 😀 I don’t know how I could spent months looking for it over the internet without any luck but one day, I remember I just went through the pictures I did during unboxing my ZenBook and noticed there was an adhesive tape on my power adapter plug with part number 0A200-00020900 which I just typed in Google and viola, behold Asus parts web site!

So what I did, I just searched for Australian plug on that web site, made an order (5.86 euros for unit) and wait for delivery (15.8 euros). Less than two weeks and I got it, what a lovely day!

Just in case, here is a list for another Asus Zenbook power adapter plugs available for different countries:

Good luck!

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