Bethells beach

Follow Bethells road after Lake Wainamu for 5 minutes and you will get on.. Bethells beach, another one popular Auckland surf spot! 😀

First time we visited Bethells beach last winter. Not hard to guess but we hadn’t seen any surfers that time. Water is quite chilly during winter period in New Zealand

During summer, apart from surfing you can do sweaming, sunbathing, running, fishing, hiking and having picnic.

But you have to walk 600 methers from carpark to the beach itself.

Bethells beach is quite windy. All the time we visited Bethells beach after there was strong wind from Tasman sea.

Last weekend there was even more windy comparing to August.

Anyway it is beautifull there. We will defenitely go there again. But first, we well check with weather forecast in advance, especially with wind direction and strength 🙂

In addition, there are big waves, strong currents and deep holes. You can find surf life saving billboard with tides schedule, wind direction, water temperature and waves length near the beach entrance.

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