Climb Te Heu Heu

The continuation! This August, my friend and I climbed upon one of Mount Ruapehu peaks, Te Heu Heu. Which is named after paramount chief of a Maori tribe of the central North Island of New Zealand. Or at least, we tried to climb, because for a proper climbing we would need climbing equipment we didn’t have. Click Read more to watch cool pics and read some text. Just a little bit of text, I promise 🙂

We started our ascending in the valley left from Valley T-Bar, from the altitude 2170 meters above sea level. Then we turned left again towards to the peak. It took around 30 minutes for us to make half of the distance, including stops for catching breath and drinking water.

Comparing with climbing to the summit from Turoa skifield, that climbing was a way easier. However, we still had to stop every 40-50 steps. Due to the high altitude,

Views from the top are simply breathtaking!

Especially views to the north, including northern part of mount Ruapehu, Tongariro National Park and mount Ngaruhoe, which was filmed in Lords of The Rings trilogy.

We shot some pictures had a rest and contiuned ascending for another 20 minutes

And then we were stopped by a massive ice wall we couldn’t bypass without a gear. I think we didn’t make just 250 meters to the summit.

Oh yes, a very important note! Taking picture without trypod, stading on an icy hillside, balancing and placing the horizon line? Impossible! 🙂

We are descending below, back to cooled Mac’s Alaskan flat tire

Model release: Dmitry. Snowboard jacket: Jack Frost 13 One Three. Snowboard pants: Burton. Snowboard Goggles: Electric EG2.5 Gloss White Brose Red Chrome. Snowboard: StepChild Stereotype

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