Eggplants stewed with vegetables

Just wanted to share with you a recipe of a very descent vegetable meal I was trying when I was staying at my friends place in Novosibirsk. We need two eggplants, three capsicums, three tomatoes, three onions, two carrots and two clove of garlic. Time to prepare: 20 minutes. Time to cook: 40 minutes. As for me, I spent 90 minutes for cooking plus making pictures 🙂

Wash veges thoroughly and start dicing eggplants. Advice: it is better to cut eggplant’s part which is closer to the leg by a smaller picies because at this point it is most dense so it took more time for it to cook.

Add a few table spoons of rice bran oil into the pot, add diced eggplants, salt them, add few more oil on top (eggplants absorb a lot of oil), close the lid and turn on a small fire. Stir occasionally with a spoon and add few more oil if needed and stew until eggplants are cooked well. Here you can see final result:

In parallel, mince an onion, add oil into a second pot, pour the onion into the pot and fry it until it becomes translucent and soft:

Peal carrots, grate it and pour into the same pot and stew for another 5 minutes:

Mince tomatoes, pour them into the pot and stew, stiring occasionally:

Mince capsicums, pourt into the pot, add some salt and stew until they are well cooked

Pour minced garlic, add black pepper and stew for another 2 minutes. By the way I’m always sneezing when I pour black pepper when cooking. How about you?

Accurately move eggplants without juice from first pot into the second pot (I was told by a friends of mine that eggplant’s juice is a bit bitter) and stew for another 5 minutes:


Serve it as a vegetable stew or serve it with rice garnish – up to you!

I was asked a question by a colleague of mine who have been noticing me having this meal during lunch for at least couple of month: do I recon I could become a vegetarian keeping all the physical activities I have and you know, I think I could do. I cant judge for the rest meals but I think it is quite possible to cook vege meals which make you full 🙂

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