Every man needs a cat

Attention, current post causes crying, feeling of nostalgie and a strong will to move back home for good ❗
Really miss my cat. Especially during winter when you lie in a bed covered by blanket and think: I wish I could have my warm and furry cat right here! He would definitely jump into the bed, lay on my feet and purr 🙂

Of course I miss a lot about my parents, relatives and friends but I can always catch up with them via Skype, get the latest news and so on but it doesn’t work with my cat unfortunately. Well, he always comes when we speak with parents, sits around and listens carefully but when they tried to put him above the table to see us over the Skype he becomes irritated and wants to get out: you have abandoned me and want speak with me now?

After I moved in New Zealand he has been awaiting for my return like Hachikō dog for 6 month appearing in hall exactly same time I used to get back from work! Relatives tried to explain him that I left and don’t drive back from office to home, don’t park a car, don’t use lift and don’t open the entrance door (clever cat remembered everything in detail and have really good sense of time and even could recognise when I enter the building). 😮

Today I learned kitten’s colour is defined during pregnancy – therefore any attempts to clone exactly same cat will be impossible. Appreciate the time my friends, because you won’t have same pet anymore!

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