Food prices 2015 – Christchurch, New Zealand

As you know, Auckland and New Zealand itself are different. More over it is wrong to speculate and compare one big city and whole country, so in addition to post about food prices 2015 – Auckland, New Zealand I decided to post prices from other cities and towns. Press ReadMore button and read about food prices from Christchurch, third biggest city on New Zealand with population of 366,000 people. Listed prices are given from PAK’nSAVE supermarket.

Beef Crosscut Blad$7.21 ea
Beef Steak Mince$7.72 ea
Pork Ribeye Steak$13.66 ea
Hellers Frankfurte$3.69 ea
Pork Chops Loin$16.61 ea
Chicken Nibbles$6.89 ea
Chicken Thighs Bul$13.14 ea
Budget Cage Eggs Mix$2.95 ea
Rolling Meadow Cheese$7.59 ea
Bouton D’or Camembert$3.29 ea
Ornelle Brie 110g$3.29 ea
Talbolite Forest Cheese$10.99 ea
ChesdaleSingles 250g$2.79 ea
Fresh Sour Cream$2.29 ea
The Coll Gourmet Yogurt$4.49 ea
De Winkel Yogurt Plain$3.35 kg
Pams Milk Standard 2L$3.89 ea
Budget Milk Standard 2L$3.09 ea
Bananas$2.89 kg
Oranges Imported 1kg$2.95 kg
Mandarin Satsuma$3.95 kg
Apples Smitten$3.99 kg
Kiwifruit Gold$3.99 kg
Potatoes Loose 1kg$2.49 kg
Onions Loose$1.79 kg
Courgettes$8.99 kg
Cabbage Half Sales$2.49 ea
Pumpkin Crown Hol$3.99 ea
Avocados Pre Ripen$1.29 ea
Garlic Premium$19.99 kg
Watties Mix Vege 700g$3.49 ea
Sunrice Rice$2.59 kg
Pams Rice Long Gr$2.25 kg
Watties B.Food Rice C$3.19 ea
Balducci Pasta 500g$1.75 ea
San Remo Couscous$2.39 ea
San Remo Rigati 500g$2.49 ea
San Remo W-Meal 500g$2.49 ea
Sanit. Weet-Bix Cereal$5.05 ea
Best Foods Mayonaise$5.00 ea
Lea & Perrin Sause$3.05 kg
Masterfoods Mustard$2.99 ea
Sunfield Oil 2L$7.99 ea
Sealord Tuna Sens. Oli$2.69 ea
Huggies Nappies INFAN$8.99 ea
Olivani Table spread$3.79 ea
Sealord Heat&Eat Sata$2.49 ea
Chelsea sugar white$2.69 ea
Nestle Wonka Choc$1.99 ea
Pams Jam Raspberry 900g$3.99 ea
Pams Jam BlackCurrant 500g$2.39 ea
Airborne Honey 500g$7.89 ea
Arnotts Shapes Snacks$2.45 ea
Whittakers Block Pean$4.05 ea
Ploughmans Bakery 750$2.69 ea
Bread Stick Baget$2.49 ea
Harraways Rolled Oats$5.59 ea
Mud House Merlot 750ml$10.69 ea
Montana W.Series H.BA$10.69 ea
Sard Laundry Soap$2.69 ea
Palmolive Handwash$2.99 ea
Cold Power L.Powder$3.99 ea
Kleenex Cottonelle$5.99 ea
PAK’nSAVE C.OUT Bag$0.05 ea

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