Food prices 2015 — Wellington, New Zealand

Meanwhile we continue! Press ReadMore button to read about food prices in Wellington, second biggest city of New Zealand (at the time, the population of Wellington is 204,000 people). Given prices are from New World supermarket.

B/B Original SR CRM$1.99
M/Foods Bay Leaves$2.73
W/T Paste$0.99
Beef Topside Roast$18.99 Kg
Beef Topside Steak$18.99 Kg
GTC Hummus Garlic$2.99
M/F Sour Cream$2.69
Verkerks Aged Vensn$3.49
Beetroot Vac 250G LB$3.99
Cabbage halves$2.69
Carrots$2.99 Kg
Onion Pickling$2.99 Kg
Potato Brushed Loose$2.99 Kg
Tomatoes Cherry Red$2.99 Kg
Barkers Lemon & BRLY$4.99
Nestle Kit Kat Funpa$2.99
Pams P/Nut BTR SMTH$2.39
Pepsi Cola 1.5Lt$2.19
Pams Glasses Plastic$2.34
Simply SQ Berry 350M$2.29
Bananas Yellow$3.29 Kg
FE MAngo FRT MIX 800$6.49
Kiwifruit Gold$5.99 Kg
Wildsider Apple/P$3.99
J/Hum W BT& RST Grlc$2.89
WhiteStone Monte CR$8.99
BB ANZAC Biscuits 6p$2.89
BB Choc Chip Biscuit$2.89
Fresh Express Fruit$10.49
Strawberries 315G NZ$3.49
Shingle PK RSV Pinot$14.99
Simply SQZD JCE COCO$2.29
Capsicum Orange$1.99
Cucumber Tele$3.49
ARN MOM 250$2.79
Barilla Lasagne LA C$3.18
CSTR SUG500G$1.69
Queen Natural VA$5.57
WATT CHPD Toms In PU$1.49
Wolnd F/R Egg Sz6 6s$4.45
Premium Beef Mince$17.99 Kg
Kraft Cheese$3.99
MF Homgensed PLS 1Lt$2.62
MLD Butter 250G$4.59
Ornelle Grated Parme$4.95
Pams Cream$2.15
Tuckers Caramelised$5.99
Champagne HAM Salad$19.90 Kg
Garlic$29.99 Kg
N/F P/P Basil$3.99
Rockmellon 200G$3.99
Strawberries 315G NZ$3.99

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