Food prices, December 2017 – Auckland

A traditional spreadsheet with summer food prices for this year. Listed prices are given from PAK’nSAVE Glen Innes supermarket. Comparing with last year, now we spend $150 per week. All prices are listed in New Zealand dollars.

Blueberries$2.50 125G
Strawberries$3.79 250G
Australian Mango$3.99 each
Peaches$6.49 Kg
Plums$5.99 Kg
Apricots$5.99 Kg
Bananas$2.49 Kg
Green kiwifruit$4.79 Kg
Gold kiwifruit$4.99 Kg
Fresh avocado$2.99 each
NZ oranges$3.50 Kg
NZ mandarins$4.99 Kg
NZ fresh rose apples$4.99 Kg
NZ granny smith apples$3.99 Kg
Yali pearl$2.99 Kg
D’anjou pears$2.99 Kg
Fresh coconut$3.49 each
Pineapple$3.99 each
Fresh limes$19.99 Kg
Fancy lattice$1.99 each
Cabbage$2.49 each
Capsicums$1.79 each 3 for $5
Mushrooms white button$9.99 Kg
Eggplant$1.99 each or 2 for $3
Tomatoes$3.99 Kg
Courgettes$3.99 Kg
Sweet corn$1.19 each
Carrots$1.99 Kg
Brown onions$1.99 Kg
Butternut pumpkin$3.50 Kg
Cucumbers telegraph$1.99 each or 2 for $4
Red onions$4.99 Kg
Agria potatoes$2.99 Kg
Washed potatoes$2.99 Kg
Red/gold/orange kumara$7.99 Kg
Washed potatoes$2.99 Kg
Garlic$24.99 Kg
Ginger$8.99 Kg
Fruzio Diced mango$8.49 Kg
Frozen blueberies$10.99 Kg
Frozen cauliflower$3.49 500G
Frozen vegetable mix$4.09 Kg

Beef mince premium$16.99 Kg
NZ beef diced$17.99 Kg
NZ Beef rump steak$12.99 Kg
NZ Beef sirloin steak$17.05 Kg
Steak tenderised$12.99 Kg
NZ Beef T Bone steak$19.99 Kg
NZ Beef scotch fillet steak$37.99 Kg
NZ lamb leg steak$23.99 Kg
NZ lamb shank$16.99 ($10.49 on special) Kg
NZ lamb shoulder chops$15.99 Kg
NZ lamb leg shank$16.99 Kg
Free range chicken thigh fillets$22.99 Kg
Organic chicken$21.99 each

Snapper$12.99 Kg
Flounder$19.95 Kg
Kahawai$9.49 Kg
Trevali$7.89 Kg
Fresh NZ whole salmon$22.99 Kg
Snapper fillets$38.99 Kg
Red cod fillets$18.99 Kg
Tarakihi fillets$28.99 Kg
Trevalli fillet$21.99 Kg
Bluff salmon fillet skin on bone$26.69 Kg
Ar Prawns red whole raw frozen$24.99 Kg
NZ oysters pacific$9.99 1/2 dozen
Salmon pink canned$2.99 210G
Anchor Milk organic$6.29 2L
Puhoi Milk organic$5.79 1.5L
Winkel Yogurt plain unsweetened$4.39 1L
Embark gouda cheese slices$3.79 150G
Feta cheese$1.99 200G

Vogels bread$4.50 each
Hummus$3.65 200G
SunRice basmati$3.59 kg
Rice Bran oil$4.99 1L
Free range eggs mixed$6.99 dozen
Flour standard$2.69 1.5 Kg
Pams Rice slices$1.99 128G
Corn thins multigrain$1.99 150G
Pumpkin seeds$1.99 100G
Walnuts$22.90 Kg
Cashew nuts$23.90 Kg
Apricots dried$14.90 Kg
Camel dates$2.49 380G
Peanut butter$4.99 400G
Lindt 90% Cocoa$3.49 100G ($2.99 on special)
Whitakers chocolate$4.50 250G
Whitakers chocolate mini$4.19 180G
OOB Ice Cream Organic$8.99 850Ml
Tip Top Ice Cream$4.79 2L
Ecostore handwash foam 250ML$4.49
Earthwise Laundry Liquid$5.99 1L

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