Gasmate Portable BBQ

Recently I was invited to a party, where I could try and test Gasmate Entertainer Portable BBQ. It’s quite small, I would say very compact BBQ. So compact, that you think it is a toy. You must have a separate table or a place on your dining table where you’re planning to put it. LPG cylinder should be placed on a flour or, you can use non-refillable propane canister. It also has rotary piezo ignition for easy lighting. Ok, let’s get down the buisiness.

BBQ has hard-wearing porcelain enamel body and hood with temperature gauge. Side shelves are removable for compact transport and storage. BBQ grills made from heavy duty cast iron. For me, it was quite unusual after a year of using completely another type BBQ – I think big metall pieces in the middle hide fire but on another hand, protect your meat from burning and do heat retention. Let’s say I have to get use to it 🙂

Circular stainless steel burner provides steady heat distribution, I would say it grills very well. Drip tray is detachable and ensures quick no-mess cleaning.

As result: BBQ fried pork in sweat-sour sause, yammi!..

You can buy this bbq in Warehous’e, for $249, which is may be too much to pay for. But on another hand it comes with a massive lid, which is though, very important and cast iron grill and also, has very compact size what makes this bbq a good ideal for picnics and camping.

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