Giant Sand Dunes Northland

Te Pake sand dunes of Northland located just in 10 minutes driving from Cape Reinga lighthouse, most nothern point of North Island of New Zealand. Last time, when I was driving back to home I was focused on winding road so much so we missed turn to that dunes at all! We have spent this vacation travelling in South Island so I didn’t know when I could visit Northland again until my colleagues from Polland unexpectedly (there is no life here!) decided to leave New Zealand. It would be regrettable to let them leave without showing gigantic kauri trees and other sightseeing of North Island so.. Now I know how to visit most of them just in two days without rush! You don’t have to go upnorth during long holidays when most of New Zealand motorways becomes a huge parking lanes, all motels crowded by tourists and so on. Autumn, end of season, good friends and spirit of adventure – what else do you need to cheer up and energise yourelf before winter come in New Zealand?

I will defenitely tell about the other places we have visited during that small trip, but not today! Let’s turn from Cape Reinga Road onto Te Paki Stream Road, drive around 5 minutes on unpaved road until we met a car park, get our body board from a boot or rent some, cross a small stream and go to the dunes!

Here they are by the way! Light yellow sand, very fine and warm:

Most of people visiting this place are youth or young parents with kids:

Giant sand dunes have a very steep gradient:

Indonesian teenager girl hesitates to go down despite the support of the family waiting for her down the hill. Another two girls have successfully made it but got lots of sand on their eyes, ears and teeth – sand is everywhere!

Our girls have visited second hill and have came back. Giand Sand Dunes will empress everyone!

There is Tasman Sea right above second hill and noname beach. Just breathtaking. It is highly recommended sit on sand, listen “Gun’s n Roses – Knocking On Heavens Door” track and enjoy scenery:

German students. Rosa, I do apologise, was very busy! You know, Otto von Bismarck said that Russian man harnesses horse slowly but drives fast! 🙂

At some places you can find ridiculous sand stones:

Do you like going down? You should like hiking up as well! 🙂 As you see, hills are covered by grass, trees and bushes somewhere. Then a wind blows new sand – endless process..

Really cool and lots of fun, eh! Miss my childhood, winter and sledging from icy hill in Siberia!

Will come back here again during next summer and explore this place in a proper way!

If you can’t do long trips, there is a small copy of Giant sand dunes near Auckland, just in 50 minutes driving from CBD!

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