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Last April, we went to a special exhibition – fair of organic goods, products and services. Organics, Eco Home & Living, Beauty, Health and Wellness, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten free, and so on. It was the second time we’ve been visiting Go Green Expo starting in 2015 so, I decided to blog about the exhibition, what was there two years ago and what has changed in this year.

Go Green expo is an annual New Zealand exhibition which performs in three cities: Auckland,
Wellington and Chirstchurch. Entry ticket will cost you $10, but you can get early bird tickets for $5 or even get it for free if you are lucky (by subscribing on official event page in Facebook). The first thing you will see at the entry will be electrocars. Two years ago there was Tesla and Nissan Leaf but this year I saw Nissan and Renault only. If you somehow missed a blog post about Tesla Model S85 I wrote, here is the link.

In addition to electric cars you could also try e-bikes on the exhibition. To be honest, I got very controversal impressions about. Judge yourself – an average weight of e-bike is ~23 kilos (I was sure it weights 30 but I was shown vehicle passport to proove that I was wrong. Anyway, too heavy. Next, most of e-bikes had a very outdated grandma’s design or let’s be honest, I do not belong to their target audience.

Frankly saying I doubht that young and full of energy young people will be interested in e-bikes (again, at the moment they are too expensive in my opinion) – what about the rest, audience I would think twice about buying a bike with electric motor you can use only as auxiliary engine when you go, for example uphill but not as a primary – you still have to pedal. By the way it doesn’t have recuperation mode as well.

Well, I understand New Zealand is bloody far away from the rest of the world but to be honest,
I was expecting something better from Italian and French bike industry. Google for asynchonous motor wheel designed and developed by russian born engineer, Dmitry Duyunov.

Ok, let’s go further! The exhibition has the following sections: household goods and stuff (compost bins, solar panels, generators etc), food and nutrition stuff, cosmetics, health products and services, kitchen dishes, apliances and so on!

We skipped a lot booth with the household goods since we don’t own a house anyway. But we spent some time exploring a few of them related to gardening. There were a few mini-farms for cultivating veges and salads, compost bins (bokashi), worms farms etc.

Then we’ve been visiting health and fitness section. Anyone interested in curved wooden boards? 🙂

Good Green Stuff. These guys make comprehensive nutrition free from gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and GMOs.

SOS – electrolytic drinks to help you combat mild to moderate dehydration due to active lifestyles and physical performance.

Japanese probiotic Lacits – ф premium dietary supplement to maintain your digestive balance and general wellbeing.

Some “magic” to my opinion. Detecting parasites without making a proper medical tests. We just passed without saying a word 😐

Also, there was a few seminars for everyone interested. We have joined one for a few minutes –
a guy on the scene was talking about house crisis in Auckland, showing various charts illustrating those good times when you could buy house in Auckland for just $300,000. The whole idea was if you can’t buy a normal house buy a tiny container house we make since you don’t really need more than 20 square meters!
We smiled to each other and passed to the next, most interesting and delicious part of exhibition!

Lemonaid Pete’s Natural with low sugar, natural ingridients and nothing else. Tastes really good.:

Pana chocolate free of refined sugar and made with honey, Agave syrup or Stevia extract:

Also, you could try and buy chocolate with a very interesting brazil fruit, cupuacu (tastes like caramelized pear with a pinch of mandarin and papaya) made by Wellington company Organic wildness chocolate:

Taza chocolate – organic dark chocolate:

Girls from Raw Kitchen cafe were selling Raw cakes made without heat treatment, free of gluten,
milk and sugar. Main ingredients: nut flour, extract of berries or jelly.:

Paleo base for pizza made by company RAW LIFE

Sausige party ))

Also, there was a lot of booth were selling coconut oil, coconut yogurt, coconut water and other stuff made from coconut:

Pomegrnade juice made in Azerbaijan presented by Essentials Trading:

Sauer craut by Be nourished company.
I have asked if they sell sauer juice and indeed, they sell! I explained that in Russia we drink sauer juice to avoid hangover and the girl replied she always does the same when she drinks vodka ))

What I would like to note – everyone was crazy about protein and fruit-nut bar. You could see a lot of booth promoting this stuff on the exhibition. Unfortunately no so many of them were making these bars by themselves. By the way, Tom & Luke have become quite succeeded – now you can buy their stuff in New World supermarkets.:

A ready to go Paleo mix for making bread – just add a few eggs and coconut oil made by The Larder Project company. We bought two pack for $10 each and backed a bread at our home place we were eating the whole week.:

A tea made from imported and local ingredients, for example, New Zealand flowers and leaves:

And also, Feijoja wine and even rum:

In addition to delicios stuff, there were hips of body care products: creams, losions etc

Some dog snoozed on a bed. Next to this you could see a coffin made from eco materials. I decided do not make a picture.

Green cane paper booth, a company making toilet paper by replacing 70% of timber with recycled sugarcane and fast renewable bamboo.

Also, this year Go Green Expo united with Food fair, so you could try a lot of different meals on a foodcourt. Anyone could enter the building for free after 5PM to get on the foodcourt.

Vegan cheescake made of nuts, coconut oil, dates, beries and honey by Wellington based company Raw Glory. Very tasty!

A little bit of street magic by Nitro Cow, a company making Gelato icecream:

I think I should stop right here because there is no sence to list every booth and goods we saw on Go Green exhibition. I better list reasons why you shouold visit Go Green expo:

  • Very big concentration of organic shops in one place – very convenient
  • You can try and taste different stuff for free
  • You can ask different questions to company owners, directly
  • You can buy goods and products with a huge discount
  • ???
  • Profit!!!

Not to mention, Go Green Expo is a very positive event. You should definitely come and get a proper size bag with you :)

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