How to hang a bike in the garage

Specially for those folks who don’t have much space in a garage and those of you who are renting and hence, can not put a single nail in the wall!

I rent a house with a single garage which can fit a middle size SUV and doesn’t have enough space to store a bicycle which has a length of almost 2 meters long. At the beginning I was putting my bike in a corner of the garage but couple weeks later I realised it is still a bit inconvenient and annoying.

A quck search on the internet found a lot of possible solutions for my problem, though most of them were:

  • too crazy
  • didn’t fit my requirements
  • especially because of a high load on the wall
  • not to mention I wasn’t allowed to make a hole in the wall

I don’t remember how exactly, but I came over to a very interesing idea: very simple, cheap (NZ$ 5.73), elegant and most important, very robust – to hang my bike on the hook attached to the garage door frame.

Our garage door “frame” basically represents two guides made of steel, on which the rollers of these gates roll, plus a small steel corner bracket in its upper part. The bottom part of the frame stands on concreete floor and its upper part is attached to at least 4 places in the wall and the ceiling.

Sooo… I bought a hook online, found a piece of wood, borrowed an electric drill from a friend of mine, drill a hole in that piece of wood aaand…

And attached the hook to the wood through one of the holes in the steel corner bracket at the garage door frame upper part:

Another picture made from the top to demonstrate the solution:

And the final result – my bike on the hook:

To sum up, I ended up having the following:

  • The bicycle is now located at the least visited corner of the garage and doesn’t block car’s doors anymore
  • The bicycle hangs on the hook being attached to the garage door frame AND the garage wall. So the overal load is kind of splitted between the frame and the wall
  • It does look much nicer as used to be

Enjoy and use it!

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