Is it easy to get bartender job in New Zealand?

One of my blog subscribers is asking: is it possible to find non IT job in New Zealand? I have experience of bartender, grinder worker and metalworking where I am occupied at the moment. I have lot’s of diplomas and even PHD degree but I don’t use them. Do you think it make sence to move in New Zealand? I achieved everything what I wanted here.

  1. Well, you can get a job of bartender only if you alredy have:
    • Student Visa with work permit
    • Open Work Visa
    • New Zealand Residency or Citizenship
  2. There are almost no chances that some of New Zealand employers will relocate a bartender from overseas. Even if someone have already moved in New Zealand, not so many employers will provide sponsorship for work visa and explain to Immigration services why they didn’t find local bartender with Open Work Visa, residency or citizenship.
  3. It is common practise for hospitality here to hire students with work permit or those who held Working Holiday Visa. And I would say it is almost impossible to convert student visa with 20 hours per week permit to Open Work Visa for occupations which not included in Long Term Skill Shortage List. May be it possible but anyway have a look at paragraph 2.
  4. I don’t think it make any sense to apply for Silver Fern Visa and search for bartender job in New Zealand because, to be eligible to get that kind of visa you need:
  5. An exception are occupations from Long Term Skill Shortage List. So, the only one solution I can see here is studying Level 7 or studying Level 4-6 for qualification from Long Term Skill Shortage List after which you get open Work Search Visa valid for 1 year. Main disadvantage as I alredy noted in post Ways of moving to New Zealand for permanent living is the high tuition fees for international students, approximately $18,000 NZD for one-year programm in institute.

Only one friend of mine got a job of bartender only because she already had Open Work Visa she gained because her partner was studying Level 7 and she had experience needed. If you really interested, I can try to invite her to tell her own story – please ask more detailed questions.

Hope it helps.

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