London, Bethnal Green Rd and neighborhood

Don’t be lazy and get your camera when you go to a new place. Even if you go to a grocery store or a local food market. From one hand, after you have explored new location, you may come back here with understanding what and how exactly you want to shoot pictures, but on another hand, when you come to some place for a second time, there is no WOW effect anymore and some things, buildings or even people in the crowd will be quite ordinary for you because you got used to them. Today I’m going to show you our neighborhood.

Just in case, if you missed my post about no really good suburb you don’t really want to start with, here is a link. Every day I learn new details from my colleagues about this suburb and the city itself.

As I was explained about our neighborhood, everything started to change here just 10 years ago. Just 10 years. Hmm.. I thought Indian and Bangladesh immigration to London started in 1950s and 1960s.. Anyway! I’ve got heaps of postcards with Big Ben and other London sightseeings pictured on them and also I have got a stamps! You can get any of them after you follow my blog’s monthly subscription by an email. If you already subscribed but you want a postcard, bring your friend – it is quite interesting here 😉

A small market on Bethnal Green Rd. On the right side of the street there are a few indian and arabian shops with clothes, jewellery and also cafees. We spent 20 minutes trying to find a place where to eat. Before that, we left one of the Indian cafe we entered to get into the menu because a person who is a teller and waiter was spitting at his feet. Ugh!

Private house, Hereford St:

Did you notice how’s sharp childrens eye vision? Sometimes I’m really amazed by they ability and reaction to eye catch everything around them, like for example a big lense pointed to them from another side of the road:

Bethnal Green Rd again. Cafes, and takeaways, shops are located on the first floor, accomodation are situated on the second.

Saint James the Great church was built in 1842-43 and was converted into flats in 1990:

Intersection of Hague St and Bethnal Green Rd. A little bit further there are Weaver fields park where I’m thinking to go for a run soon:

Derbyshire Street. As I remember, last time when I was visiting Tomsk, a friend of mine was telling me that British are actual descendants of Russian. He gave me a few examples of similar words we both have in our languages. There is a word in Russion which sound like Shire and which means plenty of space. Or, for example, there is words which sounds straw-berry and means get from a grass. I told him that technically you can find hips of such an examles for any language but I think he didn’t get it.

A drugstore. Surprise, but eyedrops Sustain Ultra, produced in UK will cost you 20NZD here in London, but being imported to Auckland their price drops to 15! And I have lots of such weird examples. Spoiler: next time I will post about food prices in grocery store.

There was a small food & live music festival near Hague St. A girl left a car and went to stand in a line to get tickets while her boyfriend drove further to find a carpark:

The Kings Arms pub, Derbyshire St. I have to go there and try local beer at some Friday, I guess:

Famous London taxi – hackney carriage, which was specifically designe as a London taxi:

St Mathew Church. As you may noticed, there are lots of churches here in London, as well as in Auckland. Not all of them open though. Sometime I’ll tell you about New Zealand churches leasing their facilities for boxing classes, karate and other activities. Presbiteryan church of Kohimarama, for example is trying to attract followers by inviting them to play Minecraft game.

For the last, here is a corner of Hereford St and Cheshire Stree. If you have a close look at the wall behind BMW, you can see an exhaust of gas heater. Some buildings have losts of these pipes in the wall. Looks very weird.

P.s Weather forecast for this week is not good at all – cloudy weather with rain and the temperature around +11c. I think I should put my coat in my luggage 🙂 Summer has not came here yet 🙂 Stay tuned!

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