London, day four

I’ve just uploaded a few pics I made on my way from office to home on Wednesday in my first week of staying in London. Weather is still cold and rainy, I haven’t found any descent food yet and I haven’t met Mary Poppins 🙂 Picture below shows you a part of Shoreditch High Street or A10 which is going to Kembridge. Some day I’ll go there as well cause I really like these old buildings you can see near the turn.

Traffic lights. Girls are standing on flush median awaiting for cars coming. Thanks to these isolated islands in the middle of street you can cross the road safely if there is no car approaching and you don’t have to wait for a green light. Well, as I can see, most londoners do. Dishoom is a Iranian cafee, founded in India by zoroastrian immigrants. There were heaps of these cafees back in 1960s in India. Only few of them left now. There two of them in London. Meals they have taste like a very westernised indian cousine.

Police officers riding three wheeled scooter. Have no idea which brand it is to be honest. I thik, this type of vehicles was started by Yamaha or another Italian company almost 10 years ago.

Pump street food market where you can get takeaway meal of different cousines: japaneese, mexican, brazil, argentinian, italian and dozen of others. Opens from 12PM till 10PM. Lunch will cost you approximately 5-13 pounds.

Sometimes you can see people sitting on the streets with their pets. Sometimes without. A few of them at least creative, while the others are just lazy and do nothing:

Have a look how these five buildings were made. I can only guess there was not enough space at this area so the owners had to start construction on a such a tiny pieces of land. Does it remind you Amsterdam?

A small parking for bycicles nearby Shoreditch High and Bethnal Green road crossing. Inded, byciles are extremely popular here in London. You can even see people weaing a suit riding a bycicle!

During a day time, there are few food trucks parked near intersection of Braihwaite St and Bethnal Green road. The old wall behind them is used by artists to paint graffity and make other cool stuff and art. You can see something new almost every day here:

Check this out, for example. Would you like me to post a few pictures of really cool local graffities while I’m here?

Surprise, but looks like there gonna be a new building soon. Or may be a few of them. Honestly, I think they wont really fit this area. By the way, this morning I saw police officer and a wooman wearing hijab near her BMW X3 with a broken window. It seemed to me, he was very sorry for that kind of things happening in this area.

Intersection of Brick Lane and Sclater street. Both of them are very narrow. Well, most of the old streets were designed and built at the time when people were riding horse carrieages, so don’t be wonder. If you look closely, you can see TO LET signs. Sometimes tourists with poor eye vision read them as TOiLET :)

Tomorrow we are going to have monthly meeting in the office so I will met the rest of the team who is usually working from home. Also we are planning to go to a local pub at the evening 🙂 I was told by a friend of mine do not drink beer and try as much coctailes as I can instead. Will see how it goes. Stay tuned!

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