London, day seven. Walking to Victoria Park

Yey! You can’t believe but we finally got sunny weather in London! It was so sunny so temperature has risen upto +24 celcium degrees which was really hot comparing to +11 c we had last week. According to weather forecast, we should have that anomal heat one may be two days maximum, so I opened Google maps, searched for a green parsk close to our place, filled my water bottle, dressed in T-short and short, took my camera and sunglasses and went down the street to explore our neighbourhood. To start I walked to Weaver fields park. People were playing footbal and cricket or just were taking sunbathes and getting relaxed. You can see a few scyscrapers from city center. My gps says there is just 30 minutes of walk to get there so at one day I’ll go there as well!

Wilmot street. Typical english street with a classic three storey houses. By the way, small cars are very popular in London. Most of them are european brands, so you can’t see Japan cars too often. For example, I haven’t seen Subaru cars here at all. Nissan Qashqai is quite popular among cross-overs. Range Rover, Audi Q7 and BMW X5 are another popular SUV models.

HSBC bank building situated on Bethnal Green Road. And I still can’t believe we got sunny weather in London! Pictures I shoot are very bright and juicy and my neck says I better apply sunblock 🙂

Phone booth. No cash? No problem. A call will cost you just 60p.

Bethnal Green Gardens near Bethnal Green underground. Surprisingly we have lots of parks and small squares:

London Buddhist Centre located on Roman Road. Very beautiful building. And now have a closer look at its big windows and try to guess without using Google search, what was there before Dharma’s followers?

Globe road

Pedestrian walk and neighborhoods near Borner Street. Lost of shops and cafes on ground floor are East-oriented and have corresponding names.

Cranbrook Estate. You know what, I walked half an hour and haven’t seen any english grand mother! But counted for atleast 15 hijab. They say if get into prison in England, you will learn hindy, bengal and arab language and a few african dialects but your English will still poor.

A small grocery store. Central London doesn’t have big supermarkets with big carpards as I get used in Auckland. Everyone goes in a small grocery store for shopping:

Another residential building. Can you see exhaust pipes of gas heater? I think, teenants from level 4 adjusted a couple of motorbike mufflers to them. Also, if you have closer look, you can see every appartment’s entry door situated in corridor which is shared among residents. Can you imagine yourself seating on level 5, for example, drinking a tea and watching people walking in front of your windows as you would live on ground floor?

Finally I walked up to Regent’s canal. If you cross over a bridge and turn left into Wennington green, you can get into small sportground with bars and other machines for exersize with your own weight. I’ll defenitely go here tomorrow after I finish my work.

Along side the canal you can meet runners, cyclist and other walkers:

There are residential houses on the other side of the canal, behind the fence with a warning sign “Private property”:

It was very idillic here..

A view on the canal and adjoined buildings. I’m standing under the bridge at the moment:

As it turned out, most fascinating thing I was going to see was a bit further. I mean gateways and small barges going up and down the canal:

Massive wooden gateways may be locked and unlocked using a special wrench:

Very beautiful, isn’t it? I had an impression I was in Amsterdam:

Owners of these boats are young people as well at retired ones. On the roof of every second boathouse there are solar panels, woodfire and pots with seedlings or flowers. Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate! Very and very interesting place.

After walking another few hundred meters I finally turned to the park Victoria where I sat in the shadow of trees, breathing flowers and then I went back to home. Stay tuned!

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