London, day two. Apartments

Greetings to everyone who tired waiting for fresh posts from London in this blog! Today I’m gonna show you the appartments where we live. Originally, it was planned we are going to stay in the hotel, but later our office change mind so at the moment, we are living in four bedroom 2 level apartment situated in 4 level brick house. As you can see on the picture below, tenants from last 2 levels come to home via the stairs going straight to the level 3:

I made this pictures early in the morning so, I started from my bedroom, located upstairs 🙂 So, this is my bedroom, Unfortunately I can’t show you my colleague’s bedrooms but you can trust me they look almost the same.On the left side there is wardrobe, on the right there is writing desk. I have small tv set on the wall and book shelf from Ikea under my headboard. I can see local boxing club through my window. By the way beds are quite short and small here as well as the bedrooms:

I go out into the corridor, bathroom is situated upstairs. We have quite an old parquet upstairs so I have to open window in my bedroom as soon as I come back to home to ventilate old smell. I believe this appartment had dozens or even hundreds of teenants. It looks like the owner did a refurbishment some time ago in bedrooms, but they didn’t replace old floor. My colleague didn’t like it as well but says it is almost impossible to find anything better for same money in this area.

Right in the middle of bathroom we have this ridiculous box coming down from our neighbours. Ceilings are short so in order to take shower I have to bend down.

I come down onto first floor. Owner has sent us some presents – he bought a few bakery products and sent them to us with a cleaner. To be honest, it would be better if he could save this money and finally have stairs carpets cleaned. It looks really dirty.

On the first floor we have another bedroom with a two storey bed. I was joking that we can, in theory have our London colleagues staying here overnight if they miss their train somehow:

Kitchen. Furniture and most of appliances was bought in IKEA. Few years ago the wall in the kitchen was demolished and owners built outbuilding which outstands from the main whal for another 3.5 meters:

There is a window on the roof of that outbuilding, so it quite light in the kitchen for all time:

kitchen cabinets. In the corner there is.. Gas water heater! o_O The building is connected to gas pipe. So as soon as someone opens a tap with hot water, gas heater starts and produces a boiling water. Exhaust pipe of gas heater goes outside the kitchen:

Living room. It turned out, we have an access to Amazon video but we have no time and no will:

A view on a small garden we have. Every teenant who’s living on first and the second floor has its own garden where he can plant flowers, dry clothes or sit on a bench near small water fontain. Teenants who live on last two floors don’t have such a pleasure.

If I not mistaken this appartment was booked via Airbnb and it costs £249 per night. I asked a colleague of mine, does he rent by himself or he’s flatting with some one and I got the answer “you have to be very reach to live on your own here in London”. The salary people are having here is almost the same as in London so make the conclusions yourselves. Stay tuned!

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