London National History Museum

Must have to see, regardless how old are you. Unfortunately picures can not reflect all the variety of exhibition and actually, there is no need for it – they say National history museum has more than 70 millions of showpieces on botany, zoology, mineralogy and paleontology!

I tried to shoot as less pictures as I could, to keep only best shots however, I made around 50 photos. Hopefully I can visit this place again at some time to explore it better and read all the signs without a rush. It was very interesting to read some of biological terms which I never seen before and try to understand what does it mean from the context or making an analogy with Russian language. Admission is free. There is a separate walkway right to the museum from South Kensington subway which is very convenient. Before I entered main entrance, I had to wait in a queue for about 5-6 minutes. It’s funny but when I asked people in front of me (like, for example some parents with kids) is that usual situation or it is just because today is Sunday, they answer… I don’t know, it is the first time I came here! 🙂 Anyway, everyone is amazed by museum. In the first, National History Museum is located in a very beautiful old building; secondly, it has enormous variety of showpieces (you can touch some of them); third, all exibitions are well planned and organised; fourthly, it is very comfortable inside (cafees, toilets, drinking stations, benches for those who tired to walk etc); in the fifth, it has heaps of interactive showpieces (mechanical and electronic) for the little ones and of course some of the exhibitions have unbelivable sound and visual effects. When I was walking there, I was thinking that it somehow reminds me about a bigger and larger version of Te Papa Tongarewa musem in Wellington, New Zealand where I ve’been 3 years ago. I think it’s time to go there as well. Do I still have friends in Wellington? 🙂

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