London, Thames Embankment

I couldn’t even dream that I will post pictures without saying nothing. No comments, no titles, just pictures. Actually I already did that some time ago, when I just arrived in New Zealand and I was so busy between English classes, job search and remote work! 🙂 Basically, last month I got so many work since we arrived back from London trip so I have no time for writing longreads. I think the thing here is I just need vacation. Last time when I had it was 1.5 years ago. Actually no, almost 2 years ago because I had no vacation when I change job last time. Another thing is we have already opened snowboard season so there’s gonna be less time. We have snow trips scheduled for almost every weekend! I have a new success story I have to finish so hopefully I will be able to post it in a few weeks but now.. Just watch pictures from river Thames!

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