This morning I was jogging nearby a park and saw kiwi guy plucking some fruit from a tree. He broke a few branches, then sat in sedan and drove away. Last time, when I saw a yong mom with a stroller plucking another fruit from a branches outside the fence I couldn’t ask her what kind of fruit it is – she ran away in a few seconds!

As I found out later, that was fig fruit ❗ , so this time I decided to get few of these unknown fruit just to ask our landlord what kind of fruit are they and try them, if of course it is eatable. Well, if New Zealanders can eat – I can eat them as well!

While our landlord was browsing New Zealand Gardening Encyclopedia, I cut fruit and performed a small test for allergy reaction, scratching my forearm and attaching juicy fruit flesh above it. All was good, so I tried it! It was very sweet and reminded me something in the middle between plum and soar cherry:

In meantime, our landlord finished and said I brought prunus.
-You mean apricot?
-Yes, apricot!
-That’s weird.. It doesn’t look like this. Totally different! Different shape and peel, even stone is different – round and smooth..
Frankly saying, some of these “apricots” had three stones! Anyway, I so liked them so I sat in my car and drove to that place again with a plastic bag 🙂 It’s time to add a new spot onto map altogether to peach tree, oranges and grapefruits of our suburb!

P.s As we found out later, it was Loquat which is also known as Japanese and Chinese plum. This fruit is not suitable for export because not very suiteble for storing and transportation, so if you find it somewhere – don’t lose you chances to try it! 🙂

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