Mangawhai heads beach

Apparently it’s not easy to write a blog post about another New Zealand beach if you have already blogged about your favourite one recently and especially if you was a 100% sure there is no beach better than that. Another thing is when it turns out by itself that every beach you visit has a higher rating and it is actually better than the previous! Anyway, short and cool New Zealand summer 2017 is almost over so.. Let me show you some pictures from Mangawhai heads beach 😉

Mangawhai heads beach is located on the Pacific coast and is a two hour drive north of Auckland. It is a relatively quiet and tranquil white sandy beach with clean water and amazing waves.

Far distance from the big city and unbeatened beauty of surrounding lanscapes are worth to visit this place for a full day or even two days, which is a way better.

By the way, the amount of Mangawhai residents is doubled during summer period because of vacationers who come with their families over the weekends. Nevertheless and despite it’s popularity, I wouldn’t say Mangawhai Heads beach is usually overcrowded.

Actually, it’s time to tell you a little bit about the beach itself. There is a surf beach on the left side where you can learn how to surf or use boogie board:

On the right side there is a safe harbour beach, separated from waves by stones leading to a rock in the water:

From the rock you can observe the beach and livesavers club nearby:

First and last, Mangawhai beach is a very calm bech with very clean and warm water:

However, for security reasons, there are lifesaving patrool serving on the beach during the weekends, ready to help at any moment (swimming zone is usually marked with a special signs):

On the left side of the harbour ther is a large sand dune administered by DoC.

The dunes are home to fairy terns, Caspian terns, oystercatchers and dotterels:

To access the dunes, first you have to walk through the stones and cobblestones of all sizes:

Almost every stone is basically “eated” by mollusks and other seacreatus used to leave at this place at some point – I think it’s necessarily to wear a jandals if you are going to walk to the sand dunes and further:

P.S You can buy this funny T-Short in the Peter & Alexander shop in Auckland.

Actually I haven’t told you about a facilities! Very clean public toilets, showers and change rooms (separate for men and women) located between the carpark and the beach.

The amount of car lots may be not enough in a sunny day during high tide however, we have never experienced any problem:

Mangawhai heads is a definitely must visit place. It’s just so great here 🙂

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