Maraetai beach

Magnificent small and safe white sand beach with clean and warm sea water located in a 45-minute drive from the center of Auckland city. Maraetai means “meeting place by the sea” in Māori. Maraetai beach is a popular destination for other Aucklanders and may be often crowded in the summer time. Of course, everything is relative, especially if you compare with such a popular Auckland beaches like Mission Bay. Maraetai Beach also has a pier used for moving sheep and cattle to boats to be taken to Auckland and now is used as a fishing pier and a perfect spot for doing manus. For those that don’t know what it is, manu is when you are jumping into the water in a V-shape and essentially your lower back enters the water first while you hold that V-shape. There are few cafes near the beach, including Raviz, indian restaraunt. Also, there are two regional parks nearby, Omana Regional Park and Duder Regional park I will tell you someday. P.S. Maraetai beach is an unpatrolled beach. So stay safe and never swim alone.

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