Medovik cake

Guys, its a testiest honey dough layered cake with sour cream I have ever ever eaten in my life! So yummi! Some of you asked me for recipy for ages, so here it is 🙂 To prepare dough do need: 350grams of flour, 150 grams honey, 100grams sugar, 100grams butter, 3 eggs and 1.5 tea spoon of slaked soda. For the cream, we need 500grams 10% sour cream, 200grams cream, 150grams sugar.

Mix the eggs in a pot and then put there honey, sugar and butter. Make a bain-marie. Heat it until all the ingridients become one whole substance. Mix it to speed up the process.

Turn off fire, put slaked soda and mix it again. It should become almost white.

Add a some flour and mix it. Then add flour again. Dough should be sticky – that’s allright.

Put an oil on ovent tray and put 1/5 of your dough onto it’s center. Stretch the dough like this.

Put the oven tray inside into oven which is preheated up to 200 celcium degrees. Wait for 8 minutes.

Remove oven tray and use lid from the pot to cut edges. Do not eat them! We will use them later.

Repeat four more times 🙂 You can use two oven trays – put the dough on the second one while the first one is in the oven.

The cream

Whip a cream, put sugar, sour cream and mix it until sugar will be dissolved.

Blend cutted pieces which you guys stored after cutting each layer. You did not eate them, didn’t you? 🙂

Grease a plate with some cream we just did and put first layer on it and then put some cream again on the top of it. Repeat with another 4 layers.

Also you have to grease sides with cream.

Finally, put the crumbs above the cake and put it into the fridge for couple of hours or more.


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