Right after I managed to swim in most beaches near our place, have check-ined in almost all buoys and have met majority of constant swimmers, kayakers and paddleboarders, I decided to go for swimming somewhere more cool than a closed harbour, for example, Muriwai beach with awesome waves of Tasman sea! 😀

Honestly, I don’t know, why I’ve never swam there last year! This place is extremely cool! Actually, image above was taken near the rock where big waves hit on it and where you can do fishing, or make a selfie or become wet 🙂 Muriwai beach is quite harmless. Continue to go into the water, at first water splashes you on the knee, further – to the waist even further there is a push in the chest and it pours you on the head, and then you have to swim over the waves or just dive below them! As soon as you overcome first breakers you will be wiggling somewhere.. Wait a minute, kids on boogie boards and other guys are at a distance of 100 meters? I’m shifting away?! I think I’ll better swim back to the shore, until I have not yet have to call rescuers 🙂

By the way, here are they. Almost like from popular Californian tv series, apart from here everything is real 🙂

Well I’d say, I had swam a lot and it was awesome! Defenitely need to go here more often! Especially because Muriwai beach located in just about 50km from Auckland and there are lots of strawberry farms and wineries on the way. There is also plenty of changing rooms, showers and toilets around. I can’t say with a 100% but I think there are many parking lots too. After couple of loops we found a spot under the shadow of tree. At last – couple of pics from lookout near Muriwai gunnet colony:

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