New Zealand ICT Salary Report 2016

Absolute IT has released its six-monthly Remuneration Report, after surveying ~39,000 anonymous submissions through Since the last 6-12 months there have been notable changes. Median base salary has been fluctuating between $80,000 and $82,000 for the past two years. There is a corresponding inverse trend in overseas job applications and placements. As the overseas application rise, the median salary falls and vice versa.

Latest figures from Statistics NZ reveal that migrant arrivals are at record levels, departures are down and May 2016 was the eighth consecutive month to show an annual net gain of migrants. Evidence shows that new migrants will often accept an IT job at a lower rate in order to enter the New Zealand IT job market. Auckland is the region that experienced the biggest drop in IT median salaries. It is also the region that has the biggest influx of migrants in New Zealand which could explain its downward trend. Altough the median income figures are down for the last six months, IT is still a high-earning sector that outperforms the New Zealand full-time median income of $51,000.

National median salary, ICT: June 2009 – June 2016

June 2009$77,000
June 2010$76,000
June 2011$75,000
June 2012$75,000
June 2013$75,000
Jan 2014$80,000
June 2014$81,000
Jan 2015$82,500
June 2015$80,500
Jan 2016$82,000
June 2016$80,000

Regional median pay levels

  • Auckland: median base salary down $2,000 [-2.5%]
  • Hamilton/Bay of Plenty: median base salary up by $1,750 [+2.5%] and the median contracting rate down by $12 [-17%]
  • Wellington figures are mostly flat with the only change in the median base salary down by $1,000 [-1%]
  • Christchurch: median base salary up by $5,000 [+6.6%] and the median contracting rate up by $5 [+6.6%]

Women in IT

CityRegional split %Median Salary $

Highest paying IT jobs for women

PositionsUpper quartile rate% in these roles
IT Security$160,0001%
Sales Executive/Account Manager$140,5002%
IT Management$140,0007%
Consultant – BI/CRM$125,0003%
Project Management & Team Lead$120,00012%

Permanent salary rates June 2016

Job TitleLower quartileMedium quartileUpper quartile
Business Analyst$65,500$85,500$96,000
Consultant BI/CRM$85,000$110,000$122,000
Constultant ERP/Supply$95,000$101,500$121,500
Data record management$40,000$67,750$87,000
DBA/Database Developer$56,500$78,000$90,000
Hardware engineer$450,000$57,500$85,000
Help desk/support$42,000$50,000$57,500
IT Security$85,500$99,000$143,500
Network Adminisration$50,000$65,000$92,500
Network Engineer$50,000$65,000$92,000
Project Manager/Team Lead$82,500$100,000$120,000
Sales Exec/Account Manager$80,000$98,000$121,000
Software Analyst Programmer$60,000$77,500$99,500
Software Architect$98,000$110,000$125,000
Software Developer$57,000$70,000$90,000
Systems Administrator$58,000$70,000$83,500
Systems Analyst$62,000$74,000$87,000
Systems Integration$70,000$85,000$114,000
Technical Writer$55,000$80,000$98,000
Digital Developer$50,000$59,500$68,000
Digital Designer$50,000$65,000$82,500

Contract hourly rates June 2016

Job TitleLower quartile $/hourMedium quartile $/hourUpper quartile $/hour
Business Analyst7590100
Consultant BI/CRM100100160
Constultant ERP/Supply110115120
Data record management3560100
DBA/Database Developer5080110
Hardware engineer4070112
Help desk/support232540
IT Security90115130
Network Adminisration507595
Network Engineer507090
Project Manager/Team Lead90100120
Software Analyst Programmer256595
Software Architect70100180
Software Developer5075100
Systems Administrator3644110
Systems Analyst408097
Systems Integration70100110
Technical Writer758590
Digital Developer507085
Digital Designer4572130

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P.S Please keep in mind, New Zealand has a progressive tax system. To find out how much taxes you have to pay in New Zealand in 2016-2017, please go here and have a look at the tax table I’ve made for you.

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