Novosibirsk, December 2015

Just posted a few pics from Novosibirsk where we had a few planned doctor visits. This time we stayed at my colleague’s appartment. 4 years ago I was helping him move from another flat he was renting to his own he bought in a mortgage. Lot’s of things changed since that time! They made a gigantic work so I could hardly recognise this 2 bedroom flat after renovation. If I ever will buy an appartments in this city, I definitely know whom to ask for advice about design, repair and renovation 🙂

View from the fifth floor. If you walk down the road, you can reach subway station in 15 minutes. On the back side of the house there are airport and its facilities.

Some flowers on a windowsill:

Hand-made little monkeys. I think it was New Year eve time. By the way, if you are interested, you can still have some! 🙂

Left bank. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex where we went to check eye vision. I would say I was impressed by the center and its high skilled specialists but unfortunately hat-check girl and security guys are just cads.

It was unusually warm winter for that time. Snow in the city looked like this:

Or like that. Karl-Marks square. Here I just remember I was never poured water by car in New Zealand because road drains works perfect! Well, You get used to good things fast 🙂

Karl Marks square subway. All subway statins recently got metal detectors. Sometimes I was stopped and asked what I have in my backpack so I just opened it and show them my camera and my laptop made from magnesium and alluminium. But sometimes I was asked to follow in separate room and put it in X-Ray scanner! And I had a day when I did this 3 times in raw! Surprisingly, when I went to railway station same day, no one asked me about my backpack! Weird, isn’t it? 😐

What else.. Now, because of counter-terrorism you can’t just go and buy bus ticket to a city in another region without ID. Your passport details will be put in the system and checked during the boarding. -But why do you need my passport? Well, it’s just security measures. -But your drivers usually stop anyware on the road and pick up someone, is that what you call security measures? By the way you can still make pictures in subway at least.

Lenin square subway. Can you see pedestrian zebra? Can’t you? But it exists 🙂 I used to drive via Lenin street to my job, so I got a feeling of nostalgia being walking at this area.

Heaps of new cafees and pubs were opened here since I left.

Crossing of Lenin and Soviet streets

Don’t be confused by cloudy weather and slush on the roads – Novosibirsk is not so gloomy as Auckland 🙂 It is very modern and beautiful city 🙂

Pobeda cinema

Entrance to the cortyard near Uritsky street crossing:

Barber Shop! Siberian guys follow trends as best as they can 🙂

Театр кукол. В Новосибирске просто куча интересных мест. Даже жалею, что столько раз проходил мимо.

Beware: icycles! Almost forgot how dangerous they are. Recently I learned a young girl who lived in same building we used to live some time ago was smashed and killed walking her dog by a piece of ice fallen from roof. 😐

I was recommend to visit teahouse Baranzhar for a few times by friends and acquaintances. Meals are very tasty but also they are quite expensive. I still compare with prices of 2013 when we left 🙂 Meal size is small. I wasn’t full and decided to order manti with minced lamb but changed my mind when they said I have to pay around 300 rubles for just 4 pieces. Frankly speaking a lot of cafes and restaraunts in Novosibirsk increased prices and reduced meal sizes because of crysis.


Lunin’s square

Cat is a little bit shoked after I told him what kind of busy day I have today 🙂

To be continued!

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