Smith Aspect 2018 mens snow helmet review

Recently I have bought my first snow helmet (there was a massive clearance in a local sport shop nearby at the end of winter season). To be honest, I should have bought a helmet two years ago. I fall couple of times while snowboarding, heating my head. Also, on day I was hit by a big chunk of ice falling on me while standing in the queue nearby the lift.. I was lucky enough, because it didn’t hit my head but my shoulder, which was hurt badly for a few days.

If you somehow missed, almost every kind of sport in New Zealand will cost you a fortune. Especially, if this sport requires getting a gear or equipment. If you try to find out how much it will cost to buy full set of snowboard gear and clothes you will start asking the questions. Like, does it worth it at all?

For sure, there are few tricks, hacks and know-hows here as well.
As an option, you can save a lot of money if you:

  • buy a gear being used
  • buy a gear online on Amazon eBay and other websites
  • buy a gear on specials and end of the season clearance

1. As for me, I don’t by any clothes being used. Especially that kind of clothes in which you’re actively moving sweating and so on. Well, some of my friend have bought a snowboard boots being used.. for $20. Now he regularly spends another $20 for Odour stop spray 😐 Just for example, a brand new, unsealed snowboard boots in New Zealand shop will cost you roughly $300-$500.

2. Online shopping can save you up to 50% compared with buying in New Zealand stores. However, there is a rist that you can get a stuff which a) doesn’t fit you (wrong size, what a surprise!) and b) has a lower quality than it showed in the description (because it was outsorced somewhere in Bangladesh, Vietnam or somewhere else). And again, bear in mind the delivery cost, which can easily go very high for a very big parcels.

3. As my personal solution for this – I aim to buy gear and equipment outside of New Zealand, whenever I have this option. Or buying a gear in New Zealand shops on specials and end of the season clearance. When you can get up to 40% or sometimes even up to 60% off. Which makes it even cheaper compared with buying online (plus delivery cost). As you may guess, for the winter gear, clearance is usually happens at the end of winter, when shops need to get rid of them before summer time.

Here, we are finally getting closer to main topic ) Unboxing time!
The helmet was wrapped in a plastic bag. Also, there was a multi-language manual in the box.

Have to say it is made very good. The helmet has matte coating. Inner parts, e.g upholstery, and other plastic details have a good quality as well, in my opinion.

Then, what I really like – at its back, it has an adjustment control, so you can adjust the size of the helmet for the size of your head:

Also, I have to mention built-in venting system, which can be toggled on/off. Which I find very useful in a warm sunny day:

A close look at fastener and other upholstery elements:

At last, here is my wrist protection I boughg after it was recommended by a friend from Wellington. Which I have alredy tried this season:

Smith 2018 Men’s Aspect Snow Helmet
Burton 2017 Adult Wrist Guards

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