Snowboarding: making dumplings in Ohakune

I admit, I was wrong when I said it is not a good idea to make dumplings if main goal of our trip to Mount Ruapehu is skiing and snowboarding 🙂 Well, first of all I thouhgt we become tired so much after long driving, secondly there is not enough space in my boot for five people at all – for example, in Russia we wore all snowboarding equipment (common temperature outside during winter is -25 in Siberia), sat in a car and just drove to mountain resort but here in New Zealand, you have to pack all your gear into boot, so there is no spare space for some pots, rolling pins, eggs, meence and pastry but finally we sorted out and made it, that was an epic weekend!

The recipy is very easy: take dumplings, add salt, pepper, put them into boling water, remove after 8minutes add mayonnaise!
Next time I’ll tell you how to choose wine to dumplings 😀

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