South Island 2014, France Josef Glacier – Wanaka

In the morning we were walking near lake Matheson, which has a reflection of Mountain Cook. But we’re still arguing was it Mountain Cook or not 🙂 Loop route goes through beautiful forest with few lookouts. Very beautiful.

Then we drove to beach with white stones and walked a little bit there as well 🙂

Arrived to Knights… something…. I do apologise but there was a lot of information so I can’t remember everything

The most bright impression we had today – putties from white baite which we tried before entering Haast. I watched some guys video from this place already so I knew where to go and what to stop, so we were very happy we hadn’t miss them especially because every shop in Haast was closed during Christmas eve and we might stay without lunch.

Our rest way went through numerous passes. Water in this stream has a real turquoise color

There are thousands of waterfalls in Mount Aspiring National Park!

As usual, you can see best views from one way bridges without pedestrian lane across mountain rivers 🙂

Another waterfall, and another one, and another

Blue pools. Our second bright impression for today.

Lake Wanaka. Very huge. It was very windy near the lake. There is a camping site near lake Wanaka.

Another view of Lake Wanaka from lookout

Lake Hawea. I made heaps of images. Very beautiful, and again birches! You can feel that you go further and further on South. They say, there is true yellow autumn here in April, comparing to evergreen subtropics on Northern Island.

Arrived in Wanaka village, walked through the streets and went to accomodation.

By the way, it was +25c in Wanaka!

Finally, we had a mileage of 300km for today. Forester fuel consumption decreased down to 8.6 littres per 100km in average.

We cooked salmon for dinner with cyder. It was unreal testy!

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