South Island 2014 Lake Tekapo – Christchurch

It was warmer at Tekapo lake in the morning but still windy. I think you can get cold easily without a beanie here. I made a few shots of lupines flowers near the lake:

We didn’t go to the water this time because of strong wind and splashes near shoreline, some of us (I will not point who) didn’t leave car at all

Then we drove to Mount John, where we visited observatory:

From the altitude ~1100 meters above sea level you can watch lake Tekapo and small town beside it

The weather got worse and it was rainy all way to Christchurch. Road to Christchurch is quite busy. We had approximately 5-6 passing lanes on the second half way to Christchurch but no one before that so it was not easy to overpass milk trucks and other slow vehicles. Christchurch reminds me Krasnoyarsk with its residential properties upon hills and also Novosibirsk because of New Year rush in Packn’Save, which we visited to buy something for tea drinking before visiting Michael. Finally I got rest and relax. 1.5year ago, Michael came in Auckland as well as I for an English courses, got offer in Christchurch and moved with his family to South Island. We had a really good time, chatted a lot, ate lasagna and celebrated New Year at 5PM – Michael and his wife got a new babe quite recently 🙂

And then we moved to Hagley Park to celebrate New Year with citizens in a park near the stage. I’ll do Christchurch pics tomorrow 🙂 Happe New Year everyone!

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