South Island 2014 New Plymouth – Auckland

It seems a little bit strange to continue call post with that name especially because both New Plymouth and Auckland belong to North Island, but anyway! I leave it as it is as a part of one bit 16 days trip 🙂 Despite weather forecast, it was foggy and cloudy in the morning so, we had not been seeing Mount Taranaki. We got breakfast, made sandwiches and drove half an hour to the track start point:

That time we diceded do not try 5 hours track to the border of snow and ice but we did a few smaller 1.5h tracks to waterfalls and pools. There is a magic forest there!

After that, we decided to drive back to New Plymouth for lunch and also to investigate what else you can see and do in this town:

It was very hot I would say.

And quite empty – I had a feeling, most of New Plymouth citizens left town center on weekend.

We did like New Plymouth. Pretty nice here. House prices are pretty nice as well.

Our back way to Auckland lied through West Coast of North Island viar roads where I have never driven. There were very astonished landscapes! Another one thing to point out is a tunnel which looks like an arch at the top of the hill near.. Well, I don’t know where exactly! 🙂

We arrived home after 11PM, unloaded stuff from car, had dinner and went to bed satisfied – there are heaps of clothe we have to wash, lots of house cleaning, expence calculating, analysis and understanding what we have seen and heard, photos processing and new post writing. But now I’d like to say one: if you have never been on South Island, you have never seen true New Zealand 🙂 Thank you to being with us!

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