South Island 2014, Te Anau – Milford Sound – Gore

So, today we visited Milford Sound! Yesterday we bought $45 tickets for 1.5 hour cruise, went in bed early, woke up early in the morning spent 2 hours for driving from Te Anau with a few stops and here we are 🙂

Honestly, road to fiords through valley and forest and especially through tunnel and pass is more spectacular then cruise itself.

It’s not about cloudy weather, wrong light, billions of sand flies, nausea or strong winds in a sea – I think Milford Sound cruise is too hyped

It is similar to Teletsky lake cruise in Mountain Altay but boat is bigger and you have free coffee and tee on aboard 🙂

I would walk tracks near Hommer tunnel next time rather then go for a cruise

Anyway, this is a topic for another discussion, so I better show you seals. Here they are:

Also, I’ll show you some road pics I made in Fiordland and then I’ll search for lost 195 photos of mountain rivers and kea parrots which I had managed to take during their flight. Also, one of our windshield wipers died. May be, it was too old, may be some kea parrot “helped” him when we were watching Chasm stream. Descent from the tunnel down to sea level:

Entrance to Hommer tunnel. Altitude 1270 meters above sea level. Lots of tourist buses going to Milford Sound.

Near these waterfalls was a loud noise of falling rocks and ice:

You could touch a cloud, literally:

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