Tongariro National Park, July 2016

Or our attempt to open snowboard season. Which loudly failed because of bad weather. Well, technically we opened the season and even did 3 runs on Turoa skifield, however, we couldn’t do boarding for two consequtive days of weekend – wind speed was around 50-65 kph which was a bit uncomfortable and dangerous: all lifts were finally stopped so we had to drive into motel. We had a tiny hope that weather forecast for Sunday will improve, however snowfall in the morning didn’t make it possible. The moral is: try to rely on a few different weather forecast resources. I’ve already started making some notes and writing conclusions based on wind speed and other conditions so if you are interested, I can share this next time. Comparing to last winter season this one is a bit worse – there was not enough snow in June, July was a bit snowy and windy, will see what we get in August! 🙂

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