Water Diviner

Recently, we have watched Water Diviner, directed and starring by Russel Crowe. Film starts after World War I has ended and features a father traveling to Turkey to find his sons bodies who are presumed dead, after his wife committed a suiside, unabling to cope with her grief.

I would say it was very good director debute despate the fact that sometime this historical fictional drama looks like a western (I recall Train to Uma) and choosing Olga Kurilenko for acting a Turkish widow. Anyway and first of all it’s a fictional historical drama. I was under strong impression during the flashback showing us night battle when three sons were returning back to their trench but one of them was injured and two others ran to his rescue but met a machine gun fire. The little one was killed and the middle one badly wonded, half-parallysed and screaming for hours until his elder brother stopped his pains and killed him. That was.. Well, I’ve nothing to say..

Decorations are very good. Music, especially Turkish songs are amazing. So I highly recommend you to watch this movie.
Also I’d like to mention a phrase of Turkish ex-general: Australian, don’t go to a war if you don’t know where the country is.

Picture above features an an amazing acting which was made by Sky TV at one of Auclkand’s small street to commemorate anniversary of landing at Gallipoli during World War I.

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