What a busy day

I was having my dinner when I was visited by my neighbour. I was asked if I had busy day so I answered: oh yes, definitely! I woke up around 7AM this morning, went to my work by 8AM and left office just before 7PM.
-Well, sometimes I have 11 hours long working days as well.
-You know it’s not just about long day I had.. I also had a consequence of accidental events which could become fatal.
-For example?

-Let’s start from the news there was a fire in central Auckland. It was 19 storey building we use to have our old office before we moved into new building a few month ago. And it was a big fire in my opinion. Apparently if happen on the same level we use to work before.
Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Then, there was scaffolding collapse in the park where I go with my colleagues for lunch every week. Right on the same place we usually sit! I remember, last time when I was laying on the grass, I was watching the sky, the construction crane and new building so I though: damn, these guys do amazing job, such a small space, such a big building and no accidents! Thanks to bad weather, we didn’t go outside today!

-I think you should by a lottery ticket.
-May be you’re right..

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