Yum cha

Yum-Cha means tea drinking and it is happening at breakfast or lunch time only.

It’s not about food, it’s all about tea drinking. But people do eating food, except that one which is not “yum-cha” meal, like for example roast duck or some green veges I failed to recognise. Basicly it is drinking, eating, sharing and socializing.

And it is extremely popular in China. Long time ago people used to bring cages with birds inside to restaurant, puting them next to the table so whole restaurant was full of beautifull singing and sounds. But after 2003 people stopped doing this because of the risk of H5N1 outbreak.

So, lets get back to our sheeps.. As I said Yum-Cha is all about tea drinking, eating, sharing and socializing – all participants seat at big round table with rolling waiter and order different meal you agree to eat together. After all, final bill is splitted between each of you. Usually it is around $20 per person. All food is brought in such a small carts:

I still haven’t learn any name of them, but I can say dumplings are my favourite ones!

And spring rolls with fried in oil:

In a nutshell, there is plenty of delicious meal on yumcha. I couldn’t shot all of them, cause I had to eat 🙂

Oh yes! You have to knock with three fingers on the table in gratitude for the person filling the cups of tea

I advise you to go, if you still have not tried Yum cha. It is tasty, and fun.

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