Countryside diary, part eight

The continuation! As soon as we arrived in the village we decided to have a short walk up on a hill nearby. This time we chose slightly different route, so we were able to climb to the peak and observe landscapes from both sides of the mountain. Lucky enough, we finished long before it started raining. Actually, it was literally pouring that night. Here is a small beehive farm established right nearby the ATV track. Very typical for New Zealand – as you can lease your land for cattle, sheep or even bees! The size of the land doesn’t matter.

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How to convert Amazfit Stratos 3 from Chinese into English

And also get Spanish, Italian, French, German, Turkic and Russian languages available. Long story short: after doing some research and looking for a GPS smart watch I have decided to choose Amazfit Stratos 3 released quite recently (in September last year to be presise). Which I got from China thanks to my colleague who went there prior to 11.11 SALE. So as result, I got Chinese watch, literally. The thing is, Chinese watch doesn’t allow you to switch language – there is no such an option neither in watch settings itself, nor in the phone app. The Amazfit Stratos 3 watch is an awesome watch and worth mentioning and even making a review one day. But now I will show you how to flash Amazfit ROM in order to get other languages and start using the watch and making fun (finally).

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Pub talks: Brexit

Have found a small draft I wrote back in 2017 on the next day we had a drinks in a pub. I think, some of you might be interested. Honestly, it would be very funny if Eurozone could collapse at some point but UK would still argue, negotiate and postpone Brexit desition: Mister cat, are you going to leave or not?!? ))

Posting this draft with no edit.

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How I went to New Zealand 4WD park

It’s a bit funny when some of your friends dissappears for a while and then suddenly gets in contact with you years after. Life is a bit complicated so normally I do not raise questions in this case ) Someone I haven’t seen for ages wants to have a spontanious drink? Sure) I have got invitation for an event? Yeah, why not?.. Long story short – last weekend I got unexpected chance to visit an off-road park and shoot awesome pictures I have decided to share with you.

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